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Appropriate Behavior

School: Wingate Oaks Center

Description: Appropriate behavior is also an essential component of the learning process. The vision statement for effective positive behavioral support at Wingate Oaks is to enhance the quality of life for all students by providing a comprehensive system of behavioral support. The focus is on prevention of inappropriate behavior and teaching students and adults by structuring the environment, practicing, and reinforcing expected behaviors. We believe in a team-based approach that is proactive and respects the dignity of all the consumers at Wingate Oaks Center. In addition, school, family, and community members are encouraged to participate in each of the levels of support, so as to create a set of environments that are responsible and consistent. PBS is a data driven system. Its development is based on empirically validated methods of teaching expected behaviors and working with problem behaviors. As a result, objective information will be continuously gathered on a regular basis to evaluate the effectiveness of the plan.