Floranada Elementary
5251 NE 14 Way Fort Lauderdale, FL 33324 | Phone: (754) 322-6350

School Based Support Personnel at Our School

School Personnel Contact Person Contact Information
Candice Foresi 754-322-6350
Kenya Peterman 754-322-6350
Kriss Barclay 754-322-6350
Lauren Ryan 754-322-6350
Principal Luke Balchaitis 754-322-6350

Special Student Support Initiatives at Our School

Support Initiative Contact Person Contact Information Description
Clubs at Floranada Lisa Leider / Mary Flower 754-322-6350 We host 16 clubs at Floranada Elementary school. It is our goal to make sure that every child leaves our school prepared both academically and socially for the next level. Our 16 clubs are available beginning as early as kindergarten and a few are reserved only for upper grades as developmentally appropriate.
Inclusive Classes Lauren Ryan / Lauren Gordon 754-322-6350 In grades 1-5 our children with disabilities are given a supportive class room. This means that those students will be in class with a dual certified teacher and an Education Support Professional all day. This has effectively closed the achievement gap for our students with disabilities.

Community Agencies Providing Services at Our School

Agency Services Contact Information
Broward County Schools Family Counseling Group Counseling
Chrysalis Center Mental Health Services
Residential Youth Services
(954) 587-1008
SEDNET Crisis Counseling
Smith Community Mental Health Center Brief Intervention
Family Counseling
Individual Counseling
Mental Health Services
(954) 321-2296