Griffin Elementary
5050 SW 116 Ave Cooper City, FL 33330 | Phone: (754) 323-5900

School Based Support Personnel at Our School

School Personnel Contact Person Contact Information
Principal Angie Moodliyar-Jones
Office Manager/Principal Secretary Darcy Lauridsen
Literacy Coach Debbie Chmura
Volunteer Coordinator Debbie Chmura
School Resource Officer/Deputy Derrick Gordon 7543235900
Micro-Computer Tech Specialist Jacqueline Sanchez
Jessica Horta
Family Counselor Judith Milian
After Care Contact Keishae Gillis
Head Custodian Mark King
School Psychologist Rosemary Eljaua
PTA/PTO President Sarah Kopp
MTSS/RtI Contact Teena Novack
Community Liaison Teena Novack
Homeless Liaison Teena Novack
BASIS Liaison Teena Novack
NESS Liaison Teena Novack
Child Net Liaison Teena Novack
Multicultural Liaison Teena Novack
Foster Care Liaison Teena Novack
Prevention Liaison Teena Novack
Mentoring Coordinator Teena Novack
BTIP Designee Teena Novack
After Care Contact Thomas Nordstrom
PBIS Point of Contact Thomas Nordstrom
BTIP Designee Thomas Nordstrom
Grant Liaison Thomas Nordstrom
Business Partner Liaison Thomas Nordstrom
Field Trip Liaison Thomas Nordstrom
Field Trip Liaison Tina Bryson
Bookkeeper Tina Bryson
ESOL Contact Valerie Berger valerie.berger@browardschools.
Occupational Therapist Vikki Gottert
School Social Worker Yolanda Thrower

Special Student Support Initiatives at Our School

Support Initiative Contact Person Contact Information Description
ECO Patrol Jacque Sanchez 754-323-5650 Student recycle and also work in the environmental center to learn the importance of keeping the earth clean for future generations.

Community Agencies Providing Services at Our School

Agency Services Contact Information
Broward County Schools Family Counseling Group Counseling
Chrysalis Center Mental Health Services
Residential Youth Services
(954) 587-1008
SEDNET Crisis Counseling
Smith Community Mental Health Center Brief Intervention
Family Counseling
Individual Counseling
Mental Health Services
(954) 321-2296