Rock Island Elementary School
2350 NW 19th Street Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33311 | Phone: (754) 322-8300

School Based Support Personnel at Our School

School Personnel Contact Person Contact Information
Angela Steadmann 754-322-8300
BTIP Designee April Campbell 754-322-8300
Foster Care Liaison April Campbell 754-322-8300
Homeless Liaison April Campbell 754-322-8300
Child Net Liaison April Campbell 754-322-8300
School Social Worker April Campbell 754-322-8300
Registrar Chasity Walker 754-322-8312
BTIP Designee Chasity Walker 754-322-8312
Principal Cormic Priester 754-322-8300
School Psychologist Diana Ginter 754-322-8300
Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Liaison Genevieve Stephenson 754-322-8300
Minority Male Ambassador Genevieve Stephenson 754-322-8300
Substance Abuse Counselor Genevieve Stephenson 754-322-8300
Micro-Computer Tech Specialist Joseph Jones 754-322-8300
ESOL Contact Julie McMillan 754-322-8300
Head Custodian Khadija Rasul 754-322-8300
Cafeteria Manager Laquanda Brown 754-322-8300
Family Counselor Lauren Schwartz 754-322-8300
ESOL Contact Laurent Noel 754-322-8300
Office Manager/Principal Secretary Marcella Childs 754-322-8315
Campus Monitor Marcus Smiley 754-322-8300
School-wide Positive Behavior Plan Point of Contact Marie Rumble-Wise 754-322-8316
PROMISE School Liaison Marie Rumble-Wise 754-322-8316
Norma Juin 754-322-8313
Title I Community Liaison Patricia Bellamy 754-322-8300
Business Partner Liaison Patricia Bellamy 754-322-8300
Volunteer Coordinator Patricia Bellamy 754-322-8300
School Resource Officer/Deputy Roger Tavares 754-322-8300
Campus Monitor Shardell Striggles 754-322-8300
Sophia Whittaker 754-322-8300
Title I School Liaison Valencia Jordan 754-322-8300

Special Student Support Initiatives at Our School

Support Initiative Contact Person Contact Information Description
Watch D.O.G (Dad's of Great Students) Genevieve Stephenson 754-322-8300 Watch DOG is a national initiative aimed at increasing the involvement of fathers and father figures within our school. Fathers and father figures volunteer on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis and provide support in a variety of areas.

Community Agencies Providing Services at Our School

Agency Services Contact Information
Broward County Schools Family Counseling Group Counseling
Chrysalis Center Mental Health Services
Residential Youth Services
(954) 587-1008
SEDNET Crisis Counseling
Smith Community Mental Health Center Brief Intervention
Family Counseling
Individual Counseling
Mental Health Services
(954) 321-2296